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Most well known as the lead singer/songwriter of the sophisticated pop group Bitter:Sweet, Shana Halligan stepped out on her own 2 years ago. While participating in a series of collaborations along the way, the Los Angeles native recently finished her debut solo EP, Paper Butterfly (charted at #3 on iTunes). As alluded to above, the past two years provided Halligan with the opportunity to stretch her musical muscles through a series of inspired collaborations. Included among such soulful projects were: writing and recording with friend Serj Tankian, best known as the lead singer of System Of A Down, to dance guru , grammy nominated Morgan Page, to a collaboration and tour with Electronic band innovators Thievery Corporation, to Charles Webster, Wax Tailor, Carmen Rizzo and Marc Collins. On the touring front, Halligan spent quite a bit of time crisscrossing Europe with the French group Nouvelle Vague, which included a sold out performance in London’s Royal Albert Hall, as well as winding up and down the West Coast of the States touring her solo project, and selling out venues across the country with Bitter:Sweet. Although “humble” and “rock star” don’t necessarily always go hand-in-hand, that sums up Halligan’s brilliance. She pops; her music, her sex appeal, her sultry voice, her style, her lyrics that resonate and her approachability…it all simply works. But, of course, she’d never tell you this. Rather, she’d just prefer to focus on the music. Having a long time relationship come to end was a large catalyst for Halligan’s recent outpouring of creativity. “I could have gone into a deep depression and never come out of my bed which I heavily considered” she laugh’s in retrospect, “Instead I decided to fly to another part of the world and just throw myself into music”.


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