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Repost from Video Premiere: ALO “Not Old Yet”

The following text is sourced from ALO's latest album is Tangle of Time, the quartet's first record since 2012’s Sounds Like This (you can read more about Tangle of Time in our Track By Track feature where we spoke with all four members of ALO).  Tea Leaf Green guitarist Josh Clark created a new animated video for Tangle of Time's "Not Old Yet" that incorporates some fitting archival footage of the band's earliest days.

ALO's Steve Adams tells Relix, "Josh Clark does it again!  I love this video sequel, a follow-up to his first animation for the "The Ticket", which introduced ALO in animated form, traveling through time guided by a mystical sloth. With "Not Old Yet", the animated band find themselves 40 years in the future, cavorting around a retirement home, sharing laughs, watching old videos of their early years, and by the end, back on their instruments playing a poolside bbq party surrounded by friends and family. The party has some great cameos included, see who you recognize! I also love the return of future ALO hanging out with retired ALO, a tangle of time indeed!

"I think the fact that we've known Josh for so many years helps in how amazingly accurate he's been animating the band in these videos. The facial expressions, the body language, all the shapes and details are all so spot-on. It's really fun for us to sit back and see what he'll do. He's got a great imagination and we couldn't be more pleased on how he's interpreted these songs and turned them into animated story. 'Not Old Yet' celebrates the appreciation of life and the potential that's always there, no matter how many years you've circled the sun. It's a dedication to the young and the old."

ALO 's 10th annual Tour D'Amour will kick off on February 12 in Los Angeles, CA.


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