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Don't Miss Papadosio at Hulaween this weekend!


Papadosio has been building their dedicated fan base over the course of the last decade. Best known for their energetic live performances filled with mesmerizing instrumentation, improvisational skills, and intricate visual production, the quintet recently embarked on a fall tour in celebration of their brand new studio album release 
Content Coma (out Sept. 7th). 

The 12-track album is a testament to the band's maturity and evolution over the last decade of playing together. It exudes their songwriting skills, demonstrating their versatility across multiple genres of progressive rock, electronic, psychedelic, and more while offering a strong lyrical depth as the record addresses the human population's current addiction to the internet and social media. The tracks are layered with progressive sonic structures, highly mathematical / technical beats, and light and catchy melodies. Papadosio are one of the few bands on the scene who are creating electronic music by playing live instruments (even the modular synthesizers used on stage were hand built and engineered by the band members)! 

“Content Coma could be deemed Papadosio’s best-recorded album to date” 

- Live For Live Music


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