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Marisa Bettina lives somewhere between the millennial digital age and the effortless cool of rock ’n’ roll’s golden age. The up-and-coming artist takes her cues from vintage soul songs, rock idols, pop hooks, and a pitch-perfect inner voice.

Following a stint studying photography and conceptual art in San Francisco, the New York native left school to pursue music. She just completed her debut album, Idols, tracked in Los Angeles and New York. “I don’t mind if there’s a little voice crack, because that’s what life is like,” she says. “I like honesty and honest music.” Marisa brought about 20 songs to producer Chris Dowd (FishBone) and continued writing throughout the project. Eventually, that raw material was culled to a six-song EP. 

Marisa is most at home singing and playing her guitar in her bedroom, or working out a new song on the piano. “Sometimes on the go, I get ideas and I’m writing them on my i-Phone,” she says. At just 20, she’s of the super plugged-in generation — but at the same time, Marisa bucks the idea of social media and technology as a replacement for genuine connection and self-expression. “What I hope to convey to an audience is a vulnerability,” she says. “I’m not perfect. I am who I am.”


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